Published: Fri, December 23, 2016
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Nintendo Switch Features We Know About

Nintendo Switch Features We Know About

If you can't make it to a tour stop, Nintendo is also bringing the Switch to PAX South in San Antonio (Jan. 27-29), PAX East in Boston (March 10-12) and SXSW in Austin, Texas (March 16-18). The upcoming Switch will be replacing the Wii U and it can work as a docked console at home or dismantled to operate as a mobile handheld gaming device.

Many gamers are hoping that the Nintendo Switch specs will have a power comparable to the Xbox One or the PS4. While the system's CPU and memory controller speeds remain constant in both orientations, the GPU speeds change severely between the two modes.

Perhaps what could be the biggest selling point for the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it is a hybrid console.

Since the official preview for Nintendo's newest console, there have been a lot of questions surrounding it.

According to other rumors reported by the site SegmentNext, it is not just about Best Buy, but also many other chains and online stores are recalling the console, however, it is not clear why the house of Kyoto has chosen this course, rather than applied deep discounts to empty warehouses in anticipation of the arrival the Switch.

Winter Weather Advisory Remains In Effect Until Sunday Morning
Much colder temperatures will greet you in the morning, with lows in the teens and wind chills in the single digits. The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a winter weather advisory for Morrow County.

Watch ULA launch its final Atlas V rocket of 2016
The weather forecast for Sunday, Dec. 18, calls for a 70 percent chance of acceptable weather conditions at launch time. The launch is scheduled for January 19 from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

Louisville vs Kentucky is the best rivalry in college basketball
No one makes this mistake now, because the 77 miles that now separate them have made the divide between the two gentlemen clear. But make no mistake: playing at home, the Cardinals have a prime opportunity to tally another in the win column on Wednesday.

Earlier reports had suggested that there will be a shift from the Tegra X1 to Tegra X2 which is a modern technology that will enable the users to have a better battery backup and besides an enhanced performance in the Nintendo Switch. Docking the Nintendo Switch, however, could more than double the speed of the GPU, with speeds clocking up to 768MHz. Developers can, however, reduced clock speed when docked to match this, however.

The Maxwell Tegra X1 SoC powering the Switch is still very powerful but don't expect high quality graphics as seen on the Playstation 4 from Sony.

CPU-wise, dual Switch cores run at 1020MHz. The NVIDIA Shield Android TV can play games like Doom 3, Borderlands 2, Trine 2, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.

The Nintendo Switch games list is now headlined by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, although more games are set to be revealed during the Switch event in January.

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